Students and educators

Trust & Identity for students and educators

As a student, educator or member of staff in a research or education institution, being able to use integrated identity services brings a number of benefits:

  • one digital identity using your institutional ID and password to securely:
    • get online wherever you are;
    • access a wider range of national and international online services, wherever they are.
  • safety for your personal data because your username and password are never shared;
  • support for international mobility for your study or work, with:
    • eduroam, the global roaming service
    • Erasmus+ digital services with integrated trust and identity technology;
  • access to discounts on online purchases with InAcademia student validation service.

Find your Trust & Identity solution

Get online with eduroam

eduroam is the global WiFi roaming service for research and education communities. Available in tens of thousands of locations across 100+ territories around the world, eduroam's secure encryption is used over 4 billion times per year to authenticate students, researchers and staff while they travel for study, work or leisure. Contact your university or other home institution to find out if eduroam is available for you.

Participate in Erasmus+

If your home institution is eligible to participate in the EU's Erasmus+ programme, you may be eligible to study or work abroad as part of its mobility programme. As the Erasmus+ tools have become increasingly digitised, our Trust and Identity solutions have made them easier to use, supporting wider participation in the programme. Contact your institution IT manager or International Relations Officer to enquire.

Access online services, wherever they are

Your home institution may provide online services as well as digital identities. If your institution is connected to your national research and education identity federation, a wider range of services may be available to you. Contact your institution IT manager to enquire.

InAcademia - online academic affiliation validation

InAcademia is a safe and secure way to take advantage of student deals without having to share personal documentation with online retailers. What is great about InAcademia is that it uses your existing university identity to authenticate you - no need to share usernames or passwords or exchange photo ID documents.

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