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Trust & Identity Incubator

The Trust and Identity Incubator (“T&I Incubator”) aims to develop, foster and mature new ideas in the Trust and Identity space in Research and Education. The incubator will investigate new technologies that currently have no place (yet) in the services ecosystem of the GÉANT project.

This may include to test and experiment with potential new features for existing GÉANT services. In addition also business case development for potential new services and developments that would improve data protection and privacy aspects in services or software are in scope.

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The T&I incubator runs six to eight incubator activities per project year in parallel. These incubators typically take about six months and employ an agile methodology to enable rapid development of ideas. Preferably at least two subject matter experts work together with support from the project team. Subject matter experts are recruited from within the team or, preferred, sponsored by their NRENs. In addition, the project team facilitates the incubator track by providing a scrum master, dedicated developers as well as one or more mentors.

The mentors are selected based on matter expertise and consist of senior staff from participating NRENs, complemented with a few senior subject matter experts from outside of GN4-3 project. Next to providing mentorship, the group of senior community members will also act as an advisory committee to the T&I Incubator Task Lead to asses the feasibility of new ideas to be brought into the T&I incubator and to the evaluation of the existing projects when their 6 months are up. The advisory committee members may also suggest new areas and ideas the T&I incubator should engage with.

Upon completion of an incubator track its results and merits will be evaluated by the advisory committee and it will formulate an advice on how to proceed with the track. A track may either be continued in a new incarnation, with different focus. A track may also be concluded in the Incubator. In that case, its results may be handed over to a service activity in the GÉANT project.

Please visit the Incubator Dashboard for more information on the work done.

Trust & Identity Mentorship Programme

TIM (Trust and Identity Incubator Mentorship) Programme is an initiative that brings together ambitious young minds and subject matters experts to pioneer and prototype new ideas in the Trust and Identity field.

TIM is a collaboration between subject experts (SME's and also known as content mentors) of the T&I Incubator, GÉANT Learning and Development, NRENs (home mentors) and young professionals (participants) across Europe. The overall aim of the program it to contribute to a viable and sustainable pipeline of T&I products and services for the GÉANT project and ultimately, for the European NREN community.

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Nominated by their home NREN, participants (and their home mentors)are integrated into the work of the T&I incubator right from the start. They collaborate directly with the Incubator SMEs on the topics provided by SME's and NRENs. On this journey, they are mentored by the Incubator experts as well as their home NREN. GLAD provides additional support through training opportunities both for participants as well as for the NREN mentors. Finally all participants are expected to present their work at an international event or conference as advised by TIM.

TIM takes place in the form of paid internship/work placement where the  participating NRENs and young professionals get reimbursed for the time dedicated to the T&I Incubator. The process of reimbursements is defined by the financial rules of GÉANT project.

Find out more about the Trust and Identity Incubator Mentorship Programme.

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